Basic Textile And Costume Conservation

A one-day workshop for those who need skills in basic textile, costume and mixed media object care. Textile objects covered will include samplers, embroideries, quilts and other flat textiles, uniforms, costumes and costume accessories such as hats and fans, soft furnishings, toys, dolls and other 3 dimensional mixed media objects.

A presentation, practical demonstration and question and answer session.

Areas covered include:

  • Deterioration of textiles - factors of deterioration, both environmental and inherent.
  • Condition assessment and condition reports - identification of materials and terminology.
  • Textile cleaning - surface cleaning; methods, materials and tools.
  • Preparing textiles for display - methods and practical session.
  • Preparing textiles for storage - methods and practical session.
  • Good housekeeping - preventive conservation.

Time at the end of the presentation for specific questions and individual object assessments.

The workshop will be run by Tess Evans (Dip. Con. London)

Tess Evans has extensive experience in the field of textile conservation, having completed the three year post graduate diploma in conservation at the Textile Conservation Centre, University of London in 1983 and has since worked as a freelance conservator and consultant in the U.K., Hong Kong and Australia, undertaking a wide variety of projects including collection management, hands-on conservation and exhibition installation for both private and institutional clients.

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