Writing a Disaster Preparedness Plan

Even though it is now a standard component of good collection management many organisations do not have an effective disaster preparedness plan in place.

This one-day seminar covers the basic principles of disaster preparedness, working through each step required for participants to put together a ‘user-friendly’ and effective disaster preparedness plan.

Areas covered include:

  • Policies
  • Risk assessment
  • Significance assessment
  • Dealing with risks
  • Response and recovery teams
  • Response and recovery plans
  • Recovering from a disaster
  • Documentation
  • Resources
  • Training

Copies of ‘Be Prepared: Guidelines for Small Museums for Writing a Disaster Preparedness Plan’ (written by Kay Soderlund for the Heritage Collections Council) will be provided for all participants from fully volunteer run institutions.

Please note, practical salvage procedures are not addressed in this seminar, but are covered in a separate workshop

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