For those who are responsible for the care of collections, finding the resources to employ or contract professional conservators can be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

A comprehensive understanding of the principles involved in collection care can allow non-conservators to better preserve the collections for which they are responsible.

Kay Söderlund has developed a range of conservation workshops and seminars that she has been delivering around Australia for many years. These workshops and seminars are now available through Preservation Australia.

At Preservation Australia we also offer workshops tailored to your needs. Together we determine the workshop or seminar that best suits you, your organization and your collection.

Kay's training qualifications include:

  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training (2000)
  • Diploma in Training and Assessment Systems (2001)
  • In 1992 Kay completed one of the first training programmes to be offered in Preventive Conservation - at the Getty Conservation Institute in Los Angeles, California.

Tegan Anthes has extensive experience in developing and delivering conservation workshops and seminars. Over the past 10 years Tegan has presented workshops on the care and conservation of photographs, documents and artworks in her role as conservator with Conservation Access, State Library of New South Wales. In the last couple of years, Tegan has focused on developing and presenting training sessions on Disaster Preparedness, Recovery and Planning for all staff of the State Library of New South Wales. This has included counter disaster management, updating and improving the Counter Disaster Manual and adapting sessions to suit the staff roles of participants (eg security, librarians etc).

Tegan has qualifications in Train the Trainer, and Project Management – along with her Bachelor of Applied Science in the Conservation of Cultural Material, of course!

Review of Basic Textile and Costume Conservation Workshop

Lachlan Chapter of Museums Australia (NSW).

I must admit I was quite prepared to be apathetic towards the Costume Conservation Workshop. A treatise on clothing held promise of being both dry and dull, particularly for a male. I couldn't have been more wrong - this became magnetic, absorbing stimulating. So commenced the report of one of the delegates at the Chapter Workshop to his local committee. .....Our male attendee recorded above (No! He was not the only male attending) crystallised elsewhere in his report what is being reported across the Chapter, "Kay has caused us to reappraise our habitual attitudes towards preparation, treatment and presentation of our costume collection"

'Museum Matters' September 2004. Newsletter of Museums Australia Inc (NSW)

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