Preventive Conservation

Kay Söderlund has been working in the field of preventive conservation since 1990, and was one of the first conservators in Australia to recognise the role it would play in the preservation of collections.

Preventive conservation can be defined as all actions directed towards limiting, reducing or preventing deterioration and damage of collections. It is the most cost effective method of preserving a collection.

We offer services in the areas of:
  • Disaster preparedness - including response and recovery
  • Conservation assessments
  • Preservation planning
  • Storage/display materials and systems
  • Conservation lighting and display
  • Integrated pest management
  • Environmental monitoring and control
  • Building adaptation and re-use

Case Study - Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Archives

The Archives of the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW is a well-organised archives run by a professional archivist. Recognising the need for a Preservation Plan and not having a conservator on staff, Kay Söderlund was engaged to assess the condition of the objects held in the archives, the environment and materials of its storage area, handling and display procedures, and disaster preparedness.
The archivist wanted to ensure that she was aware of the preservation needs of the collection and that she could allocate her resources appropriately.
Following on from the assessment and after discussion with the archivist, a list of prioritised recommendations was drawn up which allowed the archives to effectively plan ahead, taking into account the preventive needs of the collection and the resources available.

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