Case Studies

Disater Preparedness

For many organisations, large and small, writing an effective Disaster Preparedness Plan is often seen as too big a task, and for this reason is often put into the 'too hard basket'. Over the years, we have assisted many different types of organizations, from community museums to large universities with several collections, in addressing this issue. By working with the organizations and guiding them through the areas of risk assessment, significance assessment, and drafting the Response and Recovery Plans, the organisations are able to effectively complete the writing of their own Disaster Preparedness Plan. This is important for effective response and recovery in the event of a disaster.
Preservation Australia also offers training in salvage procedures for these organizations, once the plan is complete.

Sydney Bridge Climb

Through years of devoted collecting, the company Sydney Bridge Climb had a substantial collection of Sydney Harbour Bridge paraphernalia. However, it had not documented or catalogued items as they were collected or purchased, and there was no comprehensive overview of the collection. Recognising the need for such an approach was the first step on the part of the company. The second step was to prepare a comprehensive collections policy. Following that, a plan was drafted to assess the collection, determine the best cataloguing system, decide on the most suitable software programme, and timetable other vital collection management approaches.

Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Archives

The Archives of the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW is a well-organised archives run by a professional archivist. Recognising the need for a Preservation Plan and not having a conservator on staff, Kay Söderlund was engaged to assess the condition of the objects held in the archives, the environment and materials of its storage area, handling and display procedures, and disaster preparedness.
The archivist wanted to ensure that she was aware of the preservation needs of the collection and that she could allocate her resources appropriately.
Following on from the assessment and after discussion with the archivist, a list of prioritised recommendations was drawn up which allowed the archives to effectively plan ahead, taking into account the preventive needs of the collection and the resources availabl

Sydney Day Nursery Children's Services Inc.

For decades the Sydney Day Nursery Children's Services has provided affordable long day care for children at centres around Sydney. Over the years toys and furniture were purchased for various sites, and records kept as the association grew in size and importance. The History Committee of the organization realised that to properly care for the historic collection a conservation plan was needed. After successfully applying for a Community Heritage Grant, they engaged Kay Söderlund who then worked with Sarah Slade to undertake a conservation assessment of the dispersed collection and the proposed History Room, and to prepare a conservation plan for the following years.
The conservation assessment detailed the preservation needs of the collection, much of which is still in use, and actions necessary to establish the History Room as a stable environment in which to house the Archives. It also outlined a Conservation Plan for the next 5 years to ensure each step was achieved.
As a consequence, the History Committee of the Sydney Day Nursery Children's Services Inc has a clear focus and direction for the preservation of its collection, and has been able to successfully apply for a further grant to move forward with the Conservation Plan.

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