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Profile - Tegan Anthes

Tegan Anthes has been working as a professional conservator since 1996. She graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Conservation of Cultural Materials majoring in Paper Conservation from the University of Canberra. Prior to commencing work with Preservation Australia Tegan worked at the State Library of NSW. Her roles included paper conservator, preservation consultant, project coordinator and counter disaster coordinator.

She began her career working for Conservation Access, a private conservation business operating out of the State Library of NSW. Here Tegan developed extensive experience in managing disaster recoveries for small businesses and councils. In addition to the recovery Tegan assisted small institutions in writing their disaster plans and reducing the risk of further incidents.

In conjunction with disaster recoveries Tegan also carried out a wide range of conservation treatments, consultancies and workshops. One of the more in-depth consultancies involved surveying, treating and re-housing a large private collection of billboard posters, glass lantern slides, archives and oil paintings.

The workshops that Tegan developed and presented included photographic treatment and storage, disaster recovery and planning, and preservation of family history documents.

Following Conservation Access Tegan was awarded the inaugural position of Garling Conservator, a position created by a benefactor to the State Library of NSW. As Garling Conservator, Tegan treated over 90 watercolours by the Artist Frederick Garling. The watercolours were extensively conserved; backing removing, washing and consolidation of pigments. The project also extended into research on the pigments and papers that were used by Garling, and this was documented in a paper presented at the Book and Paper Conservation Symposium, Melbourne 2002. The completion of the project resulted in a successful exhibition.

Over the years Tegan held several roles within the Collection Preservation Branch, working in coordination, project management, training, organizing professional development opportunities, exhibition and loan installation, including courier of collection around Australia. And for the past three years Counter Disaster Management has been her focus. In this position Tegan re-trained over 250 State Library staff in disaster awareness and response and contributed to the update and improvement of the State Library of NSW Counter Disaster manual.

Tegan is a member of the AICCM and in the past has been apart of the NSW Committee as both an ordinary member and secretary. Tegan was part of the organizing committee for the 2004 Book and Paper Conservation symposium, Sydney.

At Preservation Australia Tegan is Senior Conservator, Manager, Projects focusing on conservation, consultancies and business development.

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