About Us

Profile of a Unique Business

Preservation Australia is a unique conservation business, in that it:

  • is owned and managed by a conservator with over 25 years experience
  • supplies museum standard conservation and archival products, with professional knowledge behind every product
  • provides preservation consultancy services
  • delivers conservation seminars and workshops around Australia
  • has a comprehensive professional network of colleagues in all areas of museum management to call on and refer to.

In all, a single point of contact for all preservation requirements

Preservation Australia was established in 2004 following a perceived need for a single point of contact for those requiring preservation services, advice and products. The professional experience behind Preservation Australia allows it to provide a service that no other supply company can match - experienced, professional advice behind every product it supplies.

For those customers new to conservation and archival products, deciding which products to use can be difficult. At Preservation Australia we can guide you through the options, helping you to make a choice that will best suit your special conservation needs.

Preservation Australia operates from Sydney and works throughout Australia. As conservation consultants we work with major institutions; all levels of government; regional and community museums, galleries and archives; corporations and individuals. We supply conservation and archival products throughout Australia.

Our strength lies in our personal approach to business and the level of conservation expertise that we offer. Kay has worked in this sector for over 25 years and she is known for her ability to work in all areas and bring practical conservation solutions to the most difficult situations.

Whatever your question, whatever your need - we can provide the solution.

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